Workshops by Tal was founded by Tal de Guzman of Risqué Designs — with the vision to help starting entrepreneurs to know more about the business of shoes, particularly in the Philippines. When she was starting her own footwear line in 2012, there were very few resources that could aid someone who is interested to start their own shoe brand. She was also very inspired with the City of Marikina, also known as The Shoemaking Capital of the Philippines, that she wanted to promote more this thriving and creative city.

She offers various workshops, full classes and tours that will hopefully enable “Shoepreneurs” or Shoe Entrepreneurs to have a better understanding of shoe manufacturing processes, materials and resources.

Tal currently holds her workshops and classes in partner studios, as well as her own. She also conducts a Marikina Suppliers Tour to help interested Shoepreneurs find where the important suppliers are in Marikina. She also provides manufacturing services for those who would want to start their own shoe brands. Currently, there are about 25 homegrown footwear brands being manufactured by Risqué.